We help you to develop a healthy and IDG informed culture for a more creative, focused, resilient and efficient work force.

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We believe businesses and corporations have a great power and opportunity to promote well-being and health for a sustainable future. We are change makers and help your organization to create sustainable changed based on the IDGs framework


Inner Development Goals (IDGs) is a non-profit organisation for inner development. It researches, collects and communicates science-based skills and qualities that help us to live purposeful, sustainable, and productive lives.

The Inner Development Goals framework is fundamental in reaching the Sustainable Development Goals.






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Creamos 3 niveles de workshops, just lo que necesitas


Dive into the Inner Development Goals by this session. Learn the basis of the five IDG dimensions: being, thinking, relating, collaborating and acting. Wow your organization with framework and apply in the moment. 


Explore each dimension, attuned to them based on your needs, values and purpose. Increase awareness of how science-bsaed tools create an environment for everyone to flourish. 


Dynamic and in-depth experiential program to harness the power of transformation, inspiration and connection. Applied Science of body-mind and soul into Inner Development Goals. 

we are

We are a dynamic passionate and creative team. We convey a synergy to catalyze the transformation process that your organization needs. Furthermore, we offer a multidisciplinary and skilful approach to change within and without.


We will impact your workforce in their relationship with themselves and with others, their cognitive abilities, collaboration and communicational skills and capacity to take action.

We walk the talk and we walk you through.

Dr. Gonzalo Santellán

Gonzalo is a general practitioner, Sports Medicine and Health Specialist, coach and psychologist in training. His integrative approach to health is grounded in body-mind medicine, positive psychology, neuroscience for business and contemplative practice such as yoga, meditation and embodiment.


His inner transformation and learning allow him to embody techniques and strategies to work with body-mind and soul, and inner personal development in a way that is sustainable, authentic and connected with values.


Dr. Gonzalo’s curiosity and personal journey have led him to integrate and connect different fields of science into a straightforward purpose: to make people and organisations thrive. 

Eugenia Trujillo

Eugenia is a designer, with master’s degrees in marketing, business management, and humanities. She works as a consultant for FMCG companies and leading teams, advising on future trends, innovation, sustainability, and communication. She is a recovered addict and a psychiatric survivor, having reclaimed her life after 20 years under the influence of medications and substances. Through long processes of healing, exploration, and rebirth, she emerged to share and be a channel of transmission and inspiration for others. 


She’s a certified Kundalini Yoga and meditation instructor, a creative thinker, and a researcher in organisational future, human potential, consumption, and consciousness. She is an entrepreneur and an explorer of the self and the world. 


We offer Inner Development Goals informed workshops and programs for a tangible inner transformation in your organization.


We provide consultancies services with a multidimensional approach based on medicine, psychology, neuroscience, mindfulness and awareness-based practices. 


We accompany leaders, workforces and organizations to excel, enhance work processes and create an inner environment by providing in-depth tools on the 5 IDG dimensions: being, thinking, relating, collaborating and acting.

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