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Stablish needs and measurable objectives to promote health and wellbeing.


Create a program adapted and aligned with the organization values and objectives.


Make it happen: I will facilitate a workshop, training session, or continuous education program.


Follow-up and support is key for growth. We'll keep in touch to make the change sustainable.

A comprehensive workshop based on body-mind and soul medicine

Positive psychology

Equity and inclusion

Forest bathing



Stress management

Contemplative practices

Applied spirituality


Personal growth



Some of the soft skills we can work on.


The science and step-by-step of the mindset of abundance, well-being, interdependence, new ecologies, and growth.

Critical Thinking

Executive cognitive skills for critical analysis and validation of opinions, evidence, and assertive communication.

Emotional Intelligence

The neuroscience of recognizing, validating, and managing emotions. Development of emotional vocabulary and assertiveness.

Positive Leadership

Model, facilitate, and influence attachment emotions to promote collective flourishing.

Self-Care Practices

Provide appropriate and tailored care for individual and collective physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being.


Healthy body-mind adaptation in the face of adversity, trauma, irrational threats, or psychological stress.

Interpersonal skills

Individual skill that allows effective interactions and relationships with others, such as communication, or taking on appropriate social responsibilities.


Ability to generate or recognize ideas, alternatives that are useful in solving problems and communicating with others.


Unconscious and rapid ability to connect body and mind with mental processes and information to generate ideas and make decisions.

Active listening

Ability to be present and tune in to the speaker's feelings and perspectives, demonstrating impartial acceptance and validation of their experience.

Non-violent communication

Non-violent communication method that enhances empathy and improves collective quality of life.

Inclusion & Intercultality

Development of psychological safety and intercultural awareness to nurture honest and thriving spaces.

One step away from achieving sustainable well-being at your organzation

If your company, organization, or community is looking to achieve a triple impact based on body-mind medicine, neuroscience, and applied psychology to create a deep, conscious, and sustainable transformation from within, here is the solution.

We offer innovation and cutting-edge solutions for your company, supported by a multidisciplinary approach that will transform individuals by providing them with resources and tools, and the company by guiding it towards a change in mindset, greater efficiency, and productivity. This is applied science for the well-being and prosperity of your organization.

Because well-being and health are truly contagious!

Inner Development Goals

Stellar House and Gonzalo Doctor
have combined our knowledge and experience, together with the international initiative of the Inner Development Goals, to generate new transformation agents in the different work groups and business ecosystems.



Inner development fuels broader change—our approach merges medicine, science, and consciousness practices. It’s a roadmap encompassing being, thinking, relating, collaborating, and acting—traits that empower and strengthen the road towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. IDGs Workshops empower leaders, teams, and individuals seeking long-lasting well-being, and not just fleeting growth.

Workshops tailored
to your organization.

In the world of organizations, there may be unseen barriers hindering your team’s potential growth. Even if you’ve delved into various practices and tools, truly meaningful changes in your teams might not have endured.


But here’s the good news: businesses have the power to craft work environments that foster joy, purpose, and health. Our collaboration can spark creativity, resilience, and personal fulfillment in every team member, which in turn triggers collective success and well-being.

We offer tailored workshops, focusing on mind-body medicine, neuroscience, psychology, and mindfulness. We aim to make a genuine and lasting difference because we are experts in the field and are dedicated to bringing about profound and sustainable changes.


Discover how we can empower your organization with our unique and transformative approach.

Wellbeing and Mental Health for yaching

Are you a SuperYacht Captain, chief officer or management company?

In a field where everyone’s talking about wellbeing and mental health, it’s crucial to highlight that only a few possess the true experience, training, expertise, and tools needed to deliver meaningful and sustainable solutions in the yachting profession.


This is a great opportunity for you and your crew.

For eight years, I’ve been a dedicated private doctor and consultant for SuperYachts. My deep background in medicine, psychology, and neuroscience fuels my passion for creating tailored workshops that tackle industry needs and untapped potential for real change to happen. 


Connect with me now and unlock the transformative power of my unique insights for a real impact in your SuperYacht.

Discover the power of Journaling for Healing.

In this workshop, you will explore the unique convergence between mind-body medicine and Buddhist practices, discovering how writing can be a powerful tool for self-exploration, emotional well-being, and multidimensional healing.



You will also learn how chronic emotional pain and unprocessed resentment impact your mind-body and soul health, blocking the connection with your self and your perception of your relationships and surroundings.

Through various techniques proposed in “Journaling for Healing”, which combine neuroscience, psychology, and Buddhist wisdom, you will learn to release painful patterns and cultivate forgiveness, creating regenerative safe spaces for yourself.


Do you want to participate? Sign up for the waiting list now and be the first to know about the next workshop. 

The perfect combination
between science and spirituality.
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