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“If you’ve already started implementing changes in your life or in your team and want to accelerate them without forcing them.


Or if you haven’t started yet and don’t know how to.


I can accompany you, through science, in your process(es).”

Business Programs

Think of your teams as a whole.

Yes, you’re in the right place, you haven’t made a mistake. When you take care of your team’s health, you ensure the health and prosperity of your company.


By focusing on the mind-body-soul well-being of your employees, you’re investing in reducing stress, restoring your company’s internal balance, breaking limiting patterns that hinder growth, and fostering assertive and collaborative communication.


And what are the long-term effects on your teams?


You’ll develop tools and strategies that promote the desired well-being. You’ll achieve a more harmonious environment, a motivated team that’s happy with their work and aligned with the company’s values. More productivity, more growth… creating a regenerative work culture.


I imagine you’re already interested. Click down below to contact me, and let’s co-create a project tailored to your needs.

Workshop for Companies

I develop customized experiential programs tailored to your team and their real needs, delving into topics such as neuroscience, workplace happiness, mental health in work teams, problem management, resilience, stress reduction, well-being, and contemplative practices for companies, among others. My workshops take two directions: one theoretical, covering fundamental concepts of mind-body-soul medicine applied to your company, and another practical, where I provide experiential tools that can be implemented from the very same day. When your team flourishes, your company flourishes.

Coaching for Leaders

Did you know that contributing to the development of healthy practices tailored to each lifestyle can encourage the synchronization and vision of success for your teams? In my coaching sessions, I merge my experience and knowledge in service of CEOs, directors, and leaders.   Together, we will identify obstacles and strengthen decision-making to develop achievable strategies in line with your company’s values and goals. Extraordinary individuals require extraordinary decisions.

Programs for Individuals

You create your world: body, mind, and soul in balance.

Wherever you are in your life right now, it’s okay. It’s your starting point. You’re in constant evolution, but if you’re distracted, worried, and/or disconnected from your awareness, it might lead you down a path that doesn’t align with your needs, following routes that aren’t always the healthiest, most expansive, or nourishing for you. Currently, I have several options to connect with you and support you on your expansive journey. I constantly update my spaces for connection (Instagram, Blog, Videos, Yoga and Meditation Telegram Channel) where I share the perfect blend of science and spirituality. And if you want more, I’ve designed a free Journaling for Healing guide, a free Expansive Newsletter via email, and a waiting list so you can find out when I’ll be hosting my next journaling Workshop.

Workshop on journaling

Would you like to do journaling in a community? This is your chance. Periodically, I open spots (limited!) for us to come together and do guided journaling, reviewing exercises live and discussing the best strategies to apply it in your life. This workshop is for you whether you are an enthusiast or an expert in this ancient contemplative practice. Sign up for the list to be among the first to know. I will definitely prepare some surprises, and we will discuss a lot of science that you will surely be interested in knowing. I look forward to welcoming you to a safe space to support and expand together.

Expansive Newsletter (free)

Giving is giving. And one of my objectives is to disseminate to everyone the paradigm of medicine I propose. To add and meet in this system of mutual exchange, flexibility, and fluidity that promotes our empowerment and enrichment in mind, body, and spirit. I often write with this goal in my heart, clarity in my head, and creativity in my “digital pen.” If curiosity is something that identifies you, join me. Very nerdy, very Gonzalo Doctor. Once a month.


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Discover the power of journaling for your mind-body and soul

journaling exceeds the simple act of filling pages with stories, expressions and doodles. Cognitive neuroscience has extensively studied its positive effects on the brain.


journaling favors the development of neuronal neuroplasticity, decreases the inflammation response, lowers stress, improves anxiety and depression… (Hey! The list goes on).

Try it yourself, you're just one step away!

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