Dr. Gonzalo Santellán: Meeting and opening to the medicine of the body, mind and soul

My curiosity has led me to interweave worlds apparently distant from each other: contemplative practices with traditional medicine, science with spirituality, neuropsychology and neuroscience with the coaching of human potential, Jungian psychology with yoga and embodiment.


With love and respect for diversity and inclusion, I have created a method based on multiple areas of science that allows cultivating conscious, healthy and regenerative communities.


Thus, collectively, we will manage to flourish and unfold our inner beauty and human potential for a prosperous humanity and a healthy planet.

Gonzalo in body

I trained at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Buenos Aires, I specialized in Sports and Health Medicine at the University of Barcelona and the Sports Performance Center (CAR), and in sports performance cardiology. In addition, I have studied neuroscience applied to business and embodiment. I am also a swimming instructor, aquatic therapy and yoga as hobbies.

Gonzalo in mind

I am undergoing training as a Jungian analyst. I am an accredited Human Potential coach, Advance Coaching at InterActualizer and a Generative Coach with Stephen Gilligan. Trained in NLP with Richard Blander, EMDR and trauma informed, Focusing, meditation and mindfulness.

Furthermore, my genuine interest in understanding the mind has led me on a path of personal exploration and healing, cultivating internal tools that today I share with consultants and in workshops.

Gonzalo in soul

My spiritual journey began in my teens reading the Bhagavad Gita. During my studies, I was actively involved in a Buddhist center where I learned about Eastern philosophy and contemplative practices.

I studied the origins of Hatha Yoga, the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, doctrines of Shaktism, chanting of mantras and harmonium, Sanskrit, introduction to the Gita and Sanskrit for Yoga Asanas.

Recognizing and validating my spiritual path has led to integrating the science of the soul into my professional practices.

Gonzalo in integration

Although at the moment I felt that the paths and learning were not going to cross, today in perspective, I realize they have all led towards the integration of body-mind and soul medicine. The interest in understanding health from a human perspective, the experience as a health professional and my desire to contribute to collective well-being brought me here.

Thanks for reading me! In Gonzalo Doctor I share about the cutting edge of science and tools to promote a new health paradigm.

A curious doctor, or curiously doctor...?

I was born in Olavarría, I grew up there. I spent my summers in the countryside, in the city of Ceballos (La Pampa), exploring nature and climbing trees.


Studying Medicine in Buenos Aires was another great adventure. I also taught swimming classes in kindergartens and trained open water swimming in rivers, lagoons and the sea.


I emigrated to Europe, to the land of my ancestors, here I achieved several dreams come true. Interested in sports medicine and the science of well-being, I became involved in theworld of High Performance athletes.


I continued to be related to water as a doctor for the water polo and swimming team at the Club Natació Atletic Barceloneta.  I was nourished bythe expansive mindset of IronMan athletes, ultramarathoners and cyclists, accompanying many to improve their performance, nutrition, strength and mobility, and rehabilitating athletes and people with chronic pathologies in the water.


The more he studied the neurophysiology and endocrinology of the body, the more evident its relationship with the mind and soul became. This same curiosity from my adolescence is what also led me to learn yoga, mindfulness and different contemplative practices.


Healing and well-being began to be as complex as they were simple to approach: thus I confirmed that medicine must be integrative, considering something other than just physical symptoms and manifestations in the body, contemplating the mind and the soul.


At one point along the way I trusted, but at times I doubted it. I recognized my diverse concerns and that, along with pluripotentiality, they were part of something larger that was opened to me.


This also led me to work on my personal development: unwinding knots, transforming limiting beliefs into opportunities, working on unconscious patterns. I explored the body with embodiment (embodiment), developing intuition and being a co-creator of conscious and regenerative communities.


I know. I got very nerdy. But it is important in my history, because it enriched my professional practice.


I noticed with consultants and human teams that the lack of connection with the environment and/or a supportive community frequently correlates with the person’s lack of connection with their self.

This leads to multiple effects on the body-mind and its consequent detriment to health and prosperity.


Body-mind and soul medicine is frankly a before and after in the lives of the people with whom I have had the pleasure of working and collaborating.

The old Newtonian paradigm (which separates and fragments) is rigid, pyramidal and is full of taboos that do not invite people to flourish, it focuses on illness. The shells created by the health system itself separate the person from the self, the environment and the community, impacting their physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Thus, layers of tension and discomfort accumulate that affect different organs (muscles, heart, digestive system, etc.), conditioning the stress and inflammation response and the processing of experiences in different areas. of the brain.


The new health paradigm that I follow contemplates the advancement of science in functional and lifestyle medicine, psychology, cognitive neuroscience and sociology. It is flexible, it empowers people and communities, it is a mutual exchange, it promotes contemplative practices, it is per se regenerative by strengthening resources for health, well-being and spiritual development.


That is why Gonzalo Doctor exists, firstly, as a community of support, enrichment and empowerment in the face of a comprehensive idea of well-being, and secondly, to offer tools and training based on science so that this message spreads to everyone.

With my vision, articles, videos and resources, I hope to accompany more and more people, teams and companies to look at the world of health from an expansive consciousness.

Gonzalo Doctor's Mission

I welcome the social, cultural, economic, political and ecological complexity and uncertainty on the planet we inhabit. As well as the differences in value systems, beliefs, collective and individual skills and competencies.


I listen actively, with curiosity and without judgment, to what organically emerges from the process of paradigm change. I express my ideas with courage and optimism, respecting my individual values and needs.


I share knowledge and experience to contribute to a global collective objective: the well-being and health of our ecosystem and all its members (people, animals, forests, rivers, oceans, its biosphere, etc.) for the flourishing of everyone and future generations.

I support my community, patients and clients by respecting and recognizing that we are all simultaneously co-creating and learning.

I actively contribute to the communication, dissemination and accessibility of the science of body-mind and soul medicine.


I cultivate my own personal development to allow for flourishing in interpersonal and collective relationships; I train to stay present and mindful during my day to day life; I exercise assertive and loving communication towards myself and others; and I remember my purpose in times of confusion and conflict.


Dr. Gonzalo Santellán

The perfect combination
between science and spirituality.
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