Hello, I’m Gonzalo Santellán, a doctor turned into mind-body-soul medicine. I have spent over 10 years assisting individuals and teams in implementing holistic strategies tailored to their lifestyles. We’ve had great success. Healing is a contagious process.


So, if there’s something that moves you, intrigues you, or you want to change, we have co-created this safe space for sharing, knowledge, and learning… making mind-body-soul science an everyday part of life.

The perfect blend of science and spirituality.
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Health and well-being, accessible to everyone.

Before starting my career in medicine, I envisioned a holistic approach that considers each person as a whole, not just as a collection of organs or body parts. Traditional medical education often overlooked the mind and soul, focusing narrowly on symptoms and medications.



Through my patient interactions, I realized the importance of addressing overall well-being for sustainable healing.


However, I encountered a fragmented form of medicine, one that didn’t take into account the mind and/or the soul. Traditional medical education taught me to treat organs while completely disregarding other areas of the health sciences.


Then, in my experience with patients, I confirmed that merely addressing symptoms and prescribing medications was not sufficient.



I discovered the key: focusing on the well-being of patients in the healing process to achieve sustainable and lasting results.


As a healthcare professional, human potential coach, and aspiring Jungian analyst, my mission is to help individuals and businesses thrive by integrating science and spirituality, medicine and psychology, and Western and Eastern philosophies. This journey fosters openness, receptivity, and flourishing in people’s lives

What I was searching for. What I wanted...

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Sustainable Mind-Body and Soul Medicine: Integrating Individual and Collective Resources for Well-Being

The past 30 years of scientific research have confirmed that a comprehensive, functional approach to health and development enriches both individual human potential and the surrounding community.

The human body is intricately designed, with vital functions in the brain, heart, and lungs. It acts as a temple and a map, reflecting our health and the focus of medical study on tensions, diseases, stress, and traumas.

The mind isn't confined to the brain; it interacts physiologically with the entire body. It processes information unconsciously, influencing functions like heart rate, cell response, and gene expression.

The Soul is intricately tied to spirituality and our connection with the environment. It's often associated with the heart, symbolizing deeper human experiences. Nurturing these processes connects us with purpose, others, and the world around us.

Mind-Body and Soul Medicine integrates neurophysiology, psychology, and spiritual practices to foster holistic well-being. This approach merges scientific disciplines with contemplative practices for comprehensive health strategies.

We help you to develop a healthy and IDG informed culture for a more creative, focused, resilient and efficient work force.

"Discover the power of journaling for your mind-body and soul."

Journaling” goes beyond the simple act of filling pages with stories, expressions, and scribbles. Cognitive neuroscience has extensively studied its positive effects on the brain.

“Journaling” promotes the development of neuronal neuroplasticity, reduces inflammation response, lowers stress, improves anxiety and depression… (Hey! The list goes on).

Try it yourself, you're just one step away!

Conversations on inner transformation for outer change.

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